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The YogaPod Experience!

IMG_0817I am blown away by YogaPod and all of the staff, classes and general vibe. I really love the studio (every aspect of it – people, classes, students, etc.). I feel so grateful that you guys have opened! I have really opened up my practice and my “self.” I hope this does not come off too Pollyanna, but the whole YogaPod experience has helped me get back my sense of self after moving here, taking the bar and dealing with some intense family stuff the last few months. I have been in a bit of a bad place this year and the studio has helped me get back to a more positive place and get back to who I am and why I moved here. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am to have the studio open and close by! Just wanted to say thank you and send my gratitude for all the work you and the YogaPod staff do. My new mantra (along with Reace’s “let love in”) is “gratitude, not attitude!” Thank you to you and everyone at YogaPod who have helped me get there! Have a great day!

Heather O’Donnell