Our Studio Managers – Lindsey Long and Elyse Rousseau

Lindsey Long

Lindsey is a connector and an energized spirit.

She believes that moving meditation can help everyone achieve focus, clarity and strength, and develop their own uniqueness on and off of the mat.

She has a dynamic background as a state champion athlete, dancer, marketing and sales guru, all influencing her management style.

Lindsey graduated from the University of Tulsa, and has 500+ hours of training that spans barre, yoga, group fitness, as well as pre and post natal work. In addition to teaching and managing, she is also a barre teacher trainer and the barre ambassador for Yoga Pod, Inc.

When not helping grow the Yoga Pod Lodo community, teaching, training, or perfecting playlists, you can find this nurturing Oklahoma native chasing her toddler son, or searching for the perfect glass of rosé champagne. Lindsey believes that balance is the key to life (and that everyone will have a better day if movement is involved).

Elyse Rousseau

In the past, I’ve tried many different avenues when it came to jobs. No matter what I was doing, yoga kept calling me back. After graduating from college in New York, I moved to Colorado and wanted more knowledge. Yoga training seemed like the right place to be at the time so I enrolled with literally zero experience. I had been on a mat a hand full of times but went in blind. I came out more confused then when I went in.

However, this confusion was completely different. I knew what I had to do, I just had no clue how to get there. I started as a mentor for the Seva 200 hour training at the Boulder Yoga Pod and started to find my voice and my leadership. Shortly after, I started teaching at random places around town and eventually ended up in Denver. I joined the YP Denver karma yogi internship as a cleaner and found myself needing more connection, more conversation, and true relationships started to build. I transferred to the front desk and the love I saw between teachers and students was unreal. This studio had so much more to offer than asana.

Continuing my quest for a yogic-filled life, I became Assistant Kavi and found a true passion for being able to be the hug a student needs on a bad day, an answer to a question, or a tour guide for a new student. Helping to build the cOMmunity was fueling my day to day. Now as Kavi of the studio, I love to look back at my journey that brought me here and the happiness it’s brought me. I’m still learning just as much as I’m teaching (if not more) and spreading my heart as wide as it can go. I love learning from every soul that walks in our doors and finding a deeper connection with our teachers, students, and karma yogis. Thank you for helping us create this amazing studio. Namaste!

Our Mission

To create a vibrant yoga community, where each student can rejuvenate the body, refresh the mind, and replenish the spirit.

Our Vision

We offer quality, inspired yoga taught by remarkable, passionate teachers, in a peaceful and pristine environment, to ensure a transformative experience for all.

Our Values

Beliefs we hold in such high esteem, significantly affecting the way we speak, think, and act: Community, Authenticity, Diversity, Excellence, Abundance, Love, Fun!

Yoga Pod Franchise Founders – Nicole & Gerry Wienholt

Gerry and NicoleWe’re excited that you’re getting to know a little bit about the Yoga Pod through our website. Our hope is that, through the pages of this site, you may glean at least a small sense of what we’re all about.

Our beautiful studios are designed to create an environment where excellent instruction and a transformational yoga experience will entice you to visit often, lingering before and after class to interact with our wonderful community of students and teachers.

We’re striving to redefine fitness with transformational yoga that celebrates diversity, promotes friendship, and builds a strong community. We offer classes to suit all levels – for beginning students and intermediate to advanced practitioners. We believe that there is no perfect body type and that sustained fitness comes from an understanding of how body, mind, & spirit work together to build connection, commitment, and community.

We truly feel that our yoga room is the canvas and our students and teachers are the color and the art that completes the masterpiece.

Everyone is welcome and we’d love to see you!

We hope you join our vibrant yoga community!


Nicole & Gerry

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I am truly grateful to be part of the Yoga Pod LODO community

I have been practicing yoga for 3 years with the last 2 years solely at Yoga Pod LODO . My experience has been very enjoyable and consistent with amazing teachers, clean facilities and welcoming environment regardless of skill level. I feel blessed to have found Yoga Pod LODO for a variety of reasons.   First of all,  I recently received an in depth physical examination  and all facets of my health ( blood work, body fat, stress test) improved significantly. The improvement was so noticeable that both the physician and dietitian wanted details about my yoga routine! Additionally my regular practice at Yoga Pod has provided a  positive escape and defense from life’s stress and deepened personal my faith. Simply put, Yoga Pod has helped make a complete mind, body and spirit transformation! I am truly grateful to be part of the Yoga Pod LODO community.

Mike M.